Page 58 & 59 of my publication 'Better Not Move', published by Architectura & Natura, Amsterdam
Just recently my book 'Beweeg maar niet' (Better Not Move) about my time in Japan came out. It's designed by Edwin van Gelder from Mainstudio, published by Architectura & Natura and internationally distributed by Ideabooks. You can order it at any bookstore in the Netherlands, at Ideabooks or directly by me.

At the moment I am very busy with my short film 'Beweeg maar niet' together with editor Stella van Voorst van Beest, composer Harry de Wit, sound artist Nathalie Bruys and coach Peter Delpeut. I received a subsidy for this film from the Dutch Film Fund and the Mondriaan Fund via the 'Korte Verbeelding regeling'.

In the meanwhile I am also working on a new version of 'Slowly Disappearing', a film I developed together with writer Jente Posthuma.

From the 1st of January I am one of the advisors of the Mondriaan Fund. The Mondriaan Fund is the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. It enables plans, projects and programmes of artists, exhibition makers and critics, museums and other art and heritage institutions, and publishers and commissioners.

With Geerten ten Bosch and Marleen Oud I developed a poster campaign to give more attention to their garden the TussenTijdTuin in Dordrecht. In this garden Geerten en Marleen honor the Daughters of Dordrecht, women who are or have been important to this city, by linking these women symbolically, carefully and humorously to a flower. We received a grant from the municipality of Dordrecht for this campaign for which I am making the photos. Till now we have made 6 posters. Another 6 will follow!

If you are interested in my work and want to buy a print of one of my photos or books please sent an email to All my films can be viewed on Vimeo for a small fee.