from the series 'We are a landscape of all we have seen', 2020
Last year I was an artist-in-residence In Tokyo. I stayed in a traditional small Japanese warehouse, provided by the Arts Initiative Tokyo and the Mondriaan Fund. At the moment I am working on a publication about this period. The book will be designed by Michaƫl Snitker and published by FW:Books. I am also working on a film installation with material I shot in Tokyo.

My short film Il Grande Cretto di Gibellina will be on view (in a loop) during the retrospective of Alberto Burri in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg from the 6th of June till the 22nd of August.

In September I will stay for one month in the Wolkerstuin, as a writer-in-residence, in the former, restored garden house of the Dutch writer Jan Wolkers and his wife Karina.

If you are interested in my work and want to buy a print of one of my photos or my book Fragile - Handle with Care please sent an email to All my films can be viewed on Vimeo for a small fee.